Direct Mail EDDM is a service that allows local business to reach out to communities and households close to them by sending them a mail at a reasonable prize or a Coupon Code using the zip code from that particular area. It’s the best marketing tool for small business owner. You can get up to 30% more sales by running an eddm campaign.  EDDM is the absolutely best tool for business and the business that open a new branch. You can send eddm to all post box in 5-10 mile radius or so on. That will make your store/product popular in the local area. How do you find a Direct Mail Design or a Designer? You can find eddm design service in Fiverr as well as you can hire a designer from Upwork. However, I do have experiences or 3 years and I’ve designed more than 200 eddm, and my clients are very happy…    read more